I love aprons. I have a lot of apron patterns and am starting to feel like an apron pattern tester. Maybe I’ll make that a goal for myself this year – test all the apron patterns I own. That’ll be a big  job.

Anyway, here are my 2 favorites so far:

This was an apron made for me by someone else. I was part of a swap and this is one I got and love so very much. The fabric is cotton poly blend, but it works great.  It’s called the “Afternoon Tea Apron” by Indygo Junction.


This one is one I made and kept because I love it. This pattern is McCalls 5903. Easy to sew and had great coverage.


Here are a few others that I made but the fit wasn’t quite right for me. I have found that many patterns are made for thin women.

“Church Ladies Apron” by Mary’s Productions. I wanted to like this pattern and I think if I make the bigger size and alter it a little, it’ll work for me. I’ve not given up on this pattern. The person I gifted it to, liked it.

Another one that I made in a swap.  McCalls 5997. I think I didn’t choose the best fabric for this one. The fit was a little small on me – I need a little more fabric to go around me.

I really want to try “My Neighbor’s Apron” pattern. I’ll have to put it on my list.